Month: March 2016

Government Of Pakistan Approved Commercialization Of Biotech Crops

National Biosafety Centre (NBC) under Ministry of Climate Change hold meetings of Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and National Biosafety Committee (NBC) to review long pending applications of multiple biotech crops for lab work, field trials and commercialization submitted by public and private sector institutions and companies. Eminent crops include wheat (field trials), cotton (commercialization) and corn […]
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PABIC Organized Awareness Seminar Entitled; “Importance of Biotechnology & Its Development in Pakistan” for the Students of Beaconhouse College and School & a Visit of Biotechnology Wing of ICCBS

On Wednesday, 9th March 2016 students of Beaconhouse School & College along with their teachers visited Pakistan Biotechnology Information Center (PABIC) and Tissue Culture facility of International Center of Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS). They also attended the awareness seminar on “Importance of Biotechnology & Its Development in Pakistan” organized by PABIC. Dr. Iqbal M. […]
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Antioxidant In Green Tea Reverses Arthritis Symptoms in Rat Model

Recently investigators at Washington State University (Spokane, USA) worked with cultures of IL-1beta (interleukin 1beta)–stimulated human RA synovial fibroblasts (RASFs) as well as with a rat model of adjuvant-induced arthritis (AIA). They revealed that the green tea compound epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) was shown to effectively reverse the symptoms of adjuvant-induced arthritis (AIA) in a rat model, […]
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