Month: December 2016

Punjab government suggest climate Project for better crop productivity

The Punjab government has represent a five-member execution committee to effectuate work on a three-year project of “promotion of high-value agriculture through provision of climate smart technology” aimed at increasing crop and water productivity through application of modern irrigated agriculture development technologies. According to the information issued by the Punjab Agriculture department, the Punjab government […]
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ARID1A Mutations Linked to ATR Anti-Cancer Drug Sensitivity

A team of British cancer researchers suggested in a recent paper that screening for mutations in the ARID1A (AT-rich interactive domain-containing protein 1A) gene could aid in identifying patients with tumors sensitive to the ATR inhibitor class of anti-cancer drugs. Mutations in ARID1A represent one of the most common molecular alterations in human cancer especially […]
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PABIC Arranged Essays and Posters Competition, 2016 entitled; Climate Change And Agriculture – Role Of Biotechnology

Pakistan Biotechnology Information Center has conducted a nationwide Essay and Poster competition, entitled, “Climate Change  And Agriculture – Role Of Biotechnology” on 1st September 2016 through advertisement. The competition was welcomed by metric/O-levels students participated from all over the Pakistan, In the response of this competition, PABIC received 150 English essays and 35 Urdu Essays and […]
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