Month: December 2018

Adaptation of Biotech. Crops is Crucial as Pakistan is Suffering from Food Shortage and Running out of Fresh Water and Irrigable Land

Global food insecurity is the leading threat in the developing world. Strong political commitment to eliminate hunger is essential. Globally biotech crops have contributed to food security, sustainability and climate change by increasing crop productivity and helping alleviate poverty through uplifting the livelihood of farmers and agriculture related workforce.” Pakistan is running out of fresh water, […]
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Novel DNA vaccine prevents AD in mouse model

In the current study, the investigator used a triple-transgenic mouse model that grows plaques and tangles in the brain similar to human AD. Four cohorts of between 15 and 24 mice each were injected in the skin with DNA coding for the Abeta42 peptide. The researchers had already shown that full-length DNA Abeta42 trimer immunization was non-inflammatory and […]
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Subpopulation of fibroblasts drives breast tumor development

Cancer-associated fibroblasts are especially prominent in breast tumors, but the nature of their function and origin not been uncertain completely. Consequently, recruitment of BM-derived CAFs to primary tumors and metastases resulted in a gradual reduction in PDGFR alpha levels, which was apparently also in human breast tumors, and correlated with worse outcome. The finding that […]
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