Month: February 2019

Anti-Cancer treatment targets activated platelets in tumor microenvironment

A novel chemotherapeutic agent transport system is based on the binding of an antibody-drug conjugate specifically directed to an exterior protein on energizing platelets in the tumor microenvironment. Based on the premise that platelets in the blood are progressively conceding as mediators of tumor swelling and metastasis, investigators at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute […]
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12 hybrid rice varieties to be available from July

The new varieties were endorsed by the Variety Evaluation Committee of Pakistan Agriculture Council (Parc) after reviewing twenty-six proposals. Research on these varieties was carried out at the rice research laboratory of the National Agriculture Research Centre. A senior official of NARC said that the new hybrids of rice can now be imported from China. […]
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Genome editing used to bias genetic inheritance in mice

Genomics researchers have demonstrated the feasibility of using CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing to bias genetic inheritance in mice used for laboratory studies. Investigators at the University of California, San Diego (USA) based their work in mice on the highly efficient gene drive systems that have recently been developed in insects. These systems leveraged the sequence-targeted DNA […]
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