Month: January 2020

New (GM) cowpea was approved in Nigeria.

Nigeria has approval a new GM cowpea verity, named Sampea 20-T, and carries a microbial insecticidal gene from a bacterium. The new variety carries a microbial insecticidal gene making it resistant to a major pest that affects this crop. It was developed by an international team, led by the African Agricultural Technology Foundation in collaboration […]
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PABIC Organized Essay and Posters Competition, 2019 entitled: “Sustainable agriculture in 21 century: Use of Modern Technologies such as CRISPR and Artificial Intelligence for Increased Production and Environmental Protection”

Pakistan Biotechnology Information Center (PABIC) (, a member of global family of BICs (Biotechnology information centers), was established in January 2006. Since then the PABIC is engaged at different levels to promote the judicious applications of biotechnology for the welfare and development of the country. In order to raise awareness among the young scholars about […]
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New Bt cotton variety was approved by Punjab Seed Council

Punjab Seed Council at Agriculture House approved 25 new varieties of agricultural commodity seeds. In the meeting, 10 varieties of cumulative seeds were approved, including 9 olive oil and 1 bt cotton namely FH-444. New varieties of crops are being prepared which can resist severe weather conditions and have strong immunity against diseases, said Punjab […]
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