Month: October 2021

The Sugar Kingdom of Tando Mohammad Khan

The Sindh Tourism Development Corporation lists only one historical site in Tando Mohammad Khan — a Buddhist stupa known as Sudheran jo Thulh — that lies between Khatter and Tando Mohammad Khan railway stations around five miles away from the city which also has the shrine of Shah Abdul Karim Bulri, the great grandfather of […]
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Professor’s Biotechnology Consulting Bears Fruit in Africa

An FGCU professor’s expertise in propagating plants from tissue culture and his hands-on experience combating a highly infectious banana virus are helping farmers a world away revive a devastated fruit industry and cultivate business opportunities. There was a fellow building a lab who wanted to do tissue culture bananas.” With Griffis’ help on two trips […]
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Karnataka: Farmers Oppose Field Trials of BT Cotton and BT Maize

Nearly 11 years after the Union government enforced an indefinite moratorium on the field trials of the Bt brinjal — the first genetically modified crop for mass production in India— farmers and activists from Karnataka have now opposed the proposal for confined field trials on BT cotton and BT maize. According to the activists, the […]
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