About us

About us



Education, scientific research & training in the field of biotechnology are essential components to enhance the growth & development of Pakistan.Biotechnology is a dynamic, collaborative human activity that uses distinctive ways of valuing, thinking & working to understand natural phenomena.

We need a resource based information center in Pakistan which can support the efforts & to develop new established Pakistan biotechnology denominator, which links areas together. In order to exchange information & enhance coordination among institution & practitioners of biotechnology we established PABIC in January 2006 , under the patronage of International Services for Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA) & National Commission of Biotechnology.

Aims & Objectives

Pakistan has several good institutions currently working on various aspects of biotechnology. However, there is a serious lack of appreciation of biotechnology at the public & industrial levels.The initiative of the establishment of Pakistan Biotechnology Information center (PABIC) is an attempt to initiate multidisciplinary research & enhance the awareness & appreciation of Biotechnology at the local & international levels.

Our aims are:
1. Launching of Biotechnology base information program.
2. Create awareness in public, educational & industrial sectors.
3. Provide a pioneer learning service using the latest learning technologies that can be emulated by educational institutions.
To share methodology & policy development in biotechnology related to health, agriculture & environment.
4. Focus on presenting / discussing key issues affecting the industry.


PABIC establish digital library containing biotechnology related books, journals, literature, magazines, articles, C.D, D.V.D, Islamic literature, Newsletters, Abstracts books.