Agricultural Biotechnology: PABIC, FCCU Inaugurate Booklet

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Biotechnology Information Center (PABIC) Friday launched a booklet on the ‘Current Status of Agricultural Biotechnology in Pakistan’ by Dr. Kauser Abdullah Malik and in collaboration with Forman Christian College University (FCCU), seeking an enabling environment for introducing innovative technologies in the agriculture sector.

This booklet provides an overview of the development of biotechnology infrastructure and expertise in Pakistan and the current research details, the impediments for commercialization, and the laws and regulations governing this technology. The main purpose of this booklet is to document agricultural biotechnology especially genetic engineering-related researches being carried out in the country and to highlight bottlenecks in the way of commercialization of agri-biotech products. The main objective is to enable the researchers working in agricultural biotechnology to know the work which their colleagues in other institutions are doing. He highlighted that Pakistan was one of the earliest countries to show interest in biotechnology, starting with a nomination to host an international biotechnology research center back in 1981.

She said that soon there will be an agricultural war in the world and Pakistan should be ready for it by adopting modern technology. The chief guest Hussain Jahania Gardezi, Punjab Agriculture Minister, reinforced that Biotechnology is a tool available to improve food security problems and reducing poverty. The application of biotechnology by Pakistani farmers would not only result in enhancing productivity but would also help in addressing food security challenges faced by the country.

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