International Events

Easy-to-Digest Soy, Protein-Rich Quinoa among 21 Seeds to Advise Soon

From high protein quinoa to soybean seeds whose pods can be consumed by humans while the oil is not only easily digestible but can also be stored longer, the Centre’s bucket-list of 21 bio-fortified seeds that will be notified in the next few months contains a whole host of items that are expected to reach […]
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Adaptation of Biotech. Crops is Crucial as Pakistan is Suffering from Food Shortage and Running out of Fresh Water and Irrigable Land

Global food insecurity is the leading threat in the developing world. Strong political commitment to eliminate hunger is essential. Globally biotech crops have contributed to food security, sustainability and climate change by increasing crop productivity and helping alleviate poverty through uplifting the livelihood of farmers and agriculture related workforce.” Pakistan is running out of fresh water, […]
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PABIC participates in three days International Conference at GCU, Lahore

Pakistan Biotechnology Information Center participated in a three day International Conference on ‘Biotechnology for Sustainable Development’ held at Government College University, Lahore from 26th to 28th November 2014. The three day event was marked with oral and poster presentation related to Biotechnology. The Inaugural Ceremony on 26th November was marked with an address by the […]
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