Chinese Seed technologies to Authorize Pakistani Seed Industry

BEIJING, Mar 23: China-Pakistan cooperation in seed, the “core” of agriculture, is high on the agenda as the China Pakistan Economic Corridor enters the second phase to focus on agriculture cooperation and other sectors of social welfare.

Thanks to the promulgation of Seed Law in 1999 and its revised version in 2016, which led to growing attention to seed security and seed investments, China has transformed itself from a major seed importer to a seed breeding powerhouse – exploring the 4th generation of breeding of combining conventional breeding, biotechnology, and information technology.

At the China-Pakistan Seed Industry Cooperation and Exchange Forum held on March 18, agricultural experts from China and Pakistan offered insights on how to further promote bilateral cooperation in the seed industry.

The potential of China’s hybrid wheat is further emphasized by Shahzad Ali Malik, CEO of GUAED AGRI was the first Pakistani agricultural company to introduce Chinese hybrid wheat, and despite the “challenge-laden” process, the company remains confident that Chinese hybrid wheat will help boost food production in Pakistan.

Peng Zhengwu, Acting Consul General of China’s Consulate General in Lahore, encouraged Chinese seed companies to draw on their seed and technological advantages to enhance cooperation with Pakistan and help the country innovate the seed industry to maintain steady and healthy development.”

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