CPEC Significantly Improved Pakistan’s Infrastructure, Power Sector

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has showed maturity and stability of already deep high level friendship between Pakistan and China and since its launch, the flagship project has significantly improved Pakistan‘s infrastructure and power sector. “Along with these developments, human interaction between Pakistanis and Chinese has also increased, which is proving to be very helpful for people to understand each other from many angles beyond traditional ways,” Haroon Sharif, former Chairman BOI told China Economic Net in an interview. CPEC is also appealing to foreign investors as the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan has been briefing what is happening at Gwadar port, the progress of various projects.

Foreign investors from Saudi Arabia and Qatar were watching CPEC closely, he added. For better facilitating investors, he said these Special Economic Zones under CPEC should look like a ship or a vessel in which an investor could get all the things needed. “It must do partnerships, teach them how to do business and make it part of a value chain of China and Pakistan.” Haroon Sharif said China’s model of development was very fascinating and he thought that the reason why China has developed so fast lied in its reform and opening-up policy.

Besides the opening-up, China made many reforms which Pakistan also needed to learn from it, he added.

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