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Experts defend safety of GMO products:

A host of experts and officials have recently defended the safety of genetically modified food, as China seeks to bolster public acceptance of GMO products and invest more in technology-driven crop breeding. An article published by the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs in April said that food and animal feed produced with genetically modified […]
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Farmers Embrace BT Cotton (GMO) in Mbeere:

Farmers from the Semi-arid Mbeere region in Embu County have embraced BT Cotton a genetically modified variety despite the discussions propagated by anti-GMO Proponents.The farmers said that some NGOs had warned them of health hazards that included paralyzes on their hands after harvesting. A farmer from Kanyuambora village, Joseph Nyaga, observed that he has been doing the BT Variety for […]
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Government and UN work together in strengthening agriculture, livestock and fisheries in Balochistan:

Quetta, Balochistan 13 July 2023: To mobilize policy support for driving a sectoral development and fostering climate-smart practices in agriculture and fisheries, the Government of Balochistan (GoB) joins hands with The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) through a Unilateral Trust Fund (UTF) agreement signed at the FAO Office in Quetta. The […]
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