Media’s COVID Hypocrisy; Mandatory Vaccines; Biodegradable Plastic from GM Plants

  • How The Media’s Hypocrisy Undermines Critical Thinking In The Age Of COVID: The same media outlets that tell you to get a COVID vaccine and reject coronavirus conspiracies will also promote organic food as a safer choice, though there is no evidence behind such a recommendation, and spread myths about the dangers of so-called “industrial farming.” How do these double standards impact the public’s trust in scientists?
  • ‘Public health can supersede individual rights’: Government-mandated vaccinations are not violations of personal liberty, courts determined a century ago. Does the government have the authority to require Americans to be vaccinated? Is it possible that this heavy-handed approach will backfire, actually decreasing vaccine uptake, or are Americans just hyper-skeptical of their government?
  • Biodegradable plastic from plants: How GE camelina could advance industrial sustainability
    Plastic pollution caused by single-use items like food containers and consumer products remains a serious environmental problem globally. As far-fetched as it sounds, the best solution may be growing eco-friendly plastic in genetically engineered plants. Produced naturally by bacteria, they’re completely biodegradable and thus could serve as renewable sources of plastic, as well as animal feed and biodiesel.

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