Organic cotton production rises 56% and reaches eight-year high

Increase in organic cotton production has reached eight-year-high in the past eight years. According to the 2019 Organic Cotton Market Report, by the non-profit organization Textile Exchange. In total, 180,971 metric tons were produced in the last campaign, the largest volume since the beginning of the economic crisis.
In fact, although cotton is grown organically in nineteen countries around the world, 98% of production comes from just seven markets. Specifically, 47% comes from India, 21% from China, 12% from Kyrgyzstan, 6% from Turkey, 5% from Tajikistan, 3% from the United States and 3% from Tanzania. In addition, these regions are expected to continue to lead production over the next few years, as they have several cotton growing crops in transition to organic production. At the same time, in the last year, the number of certified facilities with organic standards has also increased.
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