PARC introduces improved fodder crops hybrid varieties

A meeting of the Variety Evaluation Committee (VEC) for a recommendation of newly developed crop fodder varieties, was held at Pakistan Agriculture Research Council. After a thorough evaluation, the committee approved seed varieties of 55 Maize hybrid (3-29% yield potential) out of 74 for general cultivation. Dr. Azeem Khan, Chairman PARC remarked that Maize is a success story in Pakistan and urged to use the success story of Maize as a role model for other crops in the country. In this setting, the close collaboration of PARC with public-private seed sectors for the exponential growth of Maize is highly appreciable. Development of Nutritional Maize such as PBproA-2017, elimination of the obligation of the spot in fodder, implementation of DNA fingerprinting, and provision of seed with their descriptors were some of the suggestions made during the meeting.
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