Punjab Issue Schedule for Sowing of Registered BT Cotton Varieties

Agriculture Department Punjab has issued a schedule for sowing of registered cotton varieties and advised farmers to complete sowing of registered Bt cotton varieties from April 1 to May 31. Agriculture spokesman said in a statement here Friday that IUB-13, MNH-886, BS-15, Niab-878, and FH-142 were the registered BT cotton varieties and advised farmers that in case of other specific districts, they can sow other registered Bt cotton varieties after consulting local agriculture experts. He said that farmers should sow only the registered varieties adding that sowing of unregistered varieties can lower production. Farmers were told to sow traditional cotton varieties in main cotton-producing areas from Apr 1 to May 31 while sowing in other areas should be completed from Apr 1 to May 15.

He further advised covering 10 percent of their areas with non-Bt varieties so that attacking pests do not develop resistance against Bt varieties.

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