Six times higher yield in Hydroponic cultivation

The Hydroponic Trial and Demonstration Center opened by Agrico, Qafco and Yara International in 2019 has achieved six times higher yield than the average productivity in Qatar and 50% higher than the best Qatari farmers could achieve by using the similar technologies.
The quality of the facilities and the materials used in cultivation, associate with high professionalism of the agronomists resulted in an astonishingly high yield of 33kg of tomatoes per sq m per year in multispan plastic greenhouse with evaporation cooling, according to a statement from Qafco. Qafco managing director and CEO Abdulrahman M al-Suwaidi, said the trial and demonstration center will help develop as well as educate local farmers of the best available practices that can help them produce more while sustaining Qatar’s local resources. The Center has also held workshops on agriculture and hydroponics for schools and other interested institutions.
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