Stroke Genetics study troika number of known Risk Loci

Results of one of the largest genome-wide-association studies (GWAS) to be carried out on stroke revealed 22 new stroke risk loci, bringing the total to 32, which more than triples the number of gene regions known to affect stroke risk. The study was orchestrated under the auspices of MEGASTROKE, a project of the International Stroke Genetics Consortium, a multi-disciplinary concerted of experts in stroke genetics. The investigators found shared genetic variation with associated vascular traits, including blood pressure, cardiac traits, and venous thromboembolism at 18 individual loci. Eleven new susceptibility loci indicated mechanisms not previously implicated in stroke pathophysiology, and several of the implicated genes were considered to be potential new drug targets for stroke treatment and prevention.
“This study really advances what we know about the genetics of stroke,” said contributing author Dr. Steven Kittner, professor of neurology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (Baltimore, USA). “With this new information, we can help researchers work to develop new treatments and new therapies.”
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