Sugar-Free Mangoes Ideal for Diabetics Launched in Pakistan

In Karachi, A Pakistani expert has introduced three varieties of sugar-free mangoes ideal for diabetics with having 4 to 6 percent sugar level, ARY News reported.

Three new varieties of sugar-free mangoes have been introduced in Pakistani markets after a scientific modification by a mango expert at a private agriculture farm in Sindh’s Tando Allahyar.
In local markets, the varieties of sugar-free mangoes are available by the names of Sonaro, Glenn, Keitt.
The varieties of sugar-free mangoes have ended the concerns for people with diabetes as most of the calories in the ‘King of Fruits’ come from sugar. The sugar-free mangoes were introduced by M H Panhwar Farms after the research and scientific modification that took a period of around five years.
While talking to the ARY News program Bakhabar Savera, M H Panhwar’s nephew and a mango expert Ghulam Sarwar told that his elder uncle, M H Panhwar was best known for his work on organic farming and he produced a wide range of research articles and manuals on fruits and others.”
“The Government of Pakistan had conferred Sitara-e-Imtiaz on Mr. Panhwar for his research related to fruits including mangoes and bananas. The prices of sugar-free mangoes are equivalent to the normal varieties of mangoes available in Pakistan markets at the price of around Rs150 per kilogram.
Ghulam Sarwar said that the said mangoes are included in late varieties and it will take one week for meeting the maturity criteria. Elaborating about the season of these varieties, Sarwar said that the sugar-free mangoes will reach the local markets after Sindhri and Chaunsa’s season is completed and remained available till August.

According to the website, the agriculture farm was established by Muhammad Hussain Panhwar, also known as Panhwar, to promote horticulture fruits in Sindh and Pakistan to meet the national and international agriculture market.

It was later converted into a research farm in 1985 to introducing new fruit crops suiting the climate of Sindh and has developed many new varieties of fruit crops, which include Mangoes, Lychee, and many others which are rare in Pakistan.

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