Xi’an city agri enterprises invited to collaborate for advanced agriculture in Pakistan

BEIJING-Pakistani Commercial Counsellor at the Pakistan embassy in Beijing, Ghulam Qadir has visited Xi’an, a Chinese city known for its advanced agriculture.

The visit aimed to understand the region’s cutting-edge agricultural enterprises and pilot projects, and to foster agricultural ties between the two countries. Impressed by the progress and potential for collaboration, Ghulam Qadir invited Xi’an-based enterprises to explore cooperation opportunities in Pakistan and participate in the inaugural Food & Agriculture Expo 2023 in Karachi on August 10, Gwadar Pro reported on Monday. “I visited the Shaanxi Food and Agriculture Group, Yangling Agriculture Group, Shaanxi Seed Industrial Group, Qinzagu Group, and other enterprises. I was impressed by the rich agricultural heritage, modern farming techniques, sustainable agriculture practices, precision farming, and agricultural technology. I observed the application of smart farming techniques, advanced machinery, and high-tech greenhouses, all contributing to increased productivity and efficient resource utilisation,” he stated.

The counsellor emphasised the potential for mutually beneficial collaboration, highlighting Pakistan’s vast agricultural potential, diverse climate zones, and abundant natural resources. Pakistan’s agriculture sector could benefit from advanced technology transfer, improved productivity, and better crop quality through precision farming, smart irrigation systems, and modern cultivation methods. “Pakistan, with its advantageous geographical location and fertile land, presents an ideal environment for agricultural investment and partnership. By leveraging Xi’an’s expertise and technologies, Pakistan can enhance its agricultural productivity, optimize resource management, and explore innovative farming practices to address challenges such as water scarcity, post-harvest losses, and sustainable agriculture,” Qadir added. He noted that his visit to Xi’an could help learn experience in enhancing Pakistan’s productivity, optimising resource management, and addressing key agricultural sector challenges. This collaboration can strengthen bilateral ties, contributing to sustainable agricultural practices, food security, and economic growth in both nations. “Joint ventures and knowledge-sharing initiatives can promote research and development in areas such as seed technology, biotechnology, and agrochemicals. This collaboration can enhance crop yields, introduce disease-resistant varieties, and address food security and sustainable agriculture practices,” he mentioned.

original link: https://www.nation.com.pk/18-Jul-2023/xi-an-city-agri-enterprises-invited-to-collaborate-for-advanced-agriculture-in-pakistan