A Boost for Jamaican Ginger Production

According to AIC (Agro-Invest Corporation), “Boosting the production of ginger in Jamaica has been identified by the Government as an important means of increasing diversity and creating opportunities for improved livelihoods in rural areas, especially among smallholder farmers.

To achieve this, AIC said it will, under the Ginger Seedling Greenhouse Project, institute “greenhouses across the island to produce planting material which will be marketed to farmers planting in the open field using single bud technology”.

To alleviate the issue of rhizome rot, ginger samples were sent to European labs to be cleaned under the Promotion of Regional Opportunities for Produce through Enterprises and Linkages (PROPEL) project with funding from the Government of Canada to the tune of CAD$20 million.

Since the set-up of the committee, the Ginger Value Chain Pilot Programme has gone through three stages: cleaning of samples, replication of samples in tissue culture labs, and production of seedlings for multiplication.

Agro-Invest Corporation (AIC) — the facilities management and investment promotion arm of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries — has plans to boost ginger production after years of subdued yield in the subsector due to the spread of the rhizome rot disease. The Ginger Seedling Greenhouse Project is an extension of the Ginger Value Chain Pilot programme that commenced in 2017. The project is aimed at supporting Jamaica’s economic growth strategy, which highlighted ginger as one of several crops considered to have a high potential for contributing to commercial development,” AIC outlined. However, when the PROPEL project came to an end last year, AIC saw the need to consolidate all stakeholders under the Ginger Value Chain Pilot Programme. As the disease devastated production across Jamaica, many farmers halted planting ginger altogether.

Original Link: https://www.jamaicaobserver.com/agriculture/a-boost-for-jamaican-ginger-production_237490