Australia to Provide Agriculture-Training

Talking to Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam on Monday, the trade commissioner said that transfer of agro-technology between the two countries through private sector coordination could accelerate the agro-economy of Pakistan. Welcoming the trade commissioner, Imam stressed that Pakistan and Australia should strengthen their relationship with regard to agro-economy, especially through the improvement of bilateral trade and transfer of agro-technology. “Pakistan’s exports to Australia have shown little increase in recent years and if due attention is given to this area, the quantum of exports can jump,” he said. “Trade between the two countries can achieve new heights if Pakistan enhances export of fruits, vegetables and rice to Australia,” Imam added that shipments of mangoes and citrus fruit from Pakistan to Australia were limited due to strict regulations of the National Plant Protection Organization of Australia.

He was of the view that technological exchanges between Australia and Pakistan could give a push to the agriculture sector of Pakistan. With respect to citrus fruits, the two sides agreed to work together in eradicating the citrus canker disease to increase their export to Australia from Pakistan.

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