Banana Tissue Culture Production Expanded in the Philippines

Consequently, these improve the revenue and profitability of tissue culture.” One of the problems people encounter with white LEDs is that plant tissue culture becomes thin and springy, resulting in slower growth and a lower survival rate. House of Musa now specializes in all types of banana tissue culture, ranging from the Cavendish and local varieties such as Lakatan and Cardava. For many tissue culture labs, the key is to get a consistently high-quality banana plant that develops and grows well.

High-quality tissue culture is more likely to develop into a healthy and strong plant that grows well at the plantation,” says Vine. “Until recently, tissue culture laboratories wanted to reduce maintenance and energy, so they chose LEDs that could retrofit their existing labs,” said CY Fun, General Manager at PTP Singapore. The use of fluorescent lighting until recently was widespread, but it comes with various problems such as heat generation and frequent maintenance, which can affect the consistency of a tissue culture lab. First at a prestigious banana company in Davao Region and now at her own tissue culture laboratory. While we can expand the lab space, I primarily look at high-quality tissue culture and make the multiplication and rooting stages more efficient.

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