Bulgaria says looking to source more cotton, rice from Pakistan

Bulgaria is looking forward to voluminous synergy in the field of agriculture with Pakistan including sustainable export of cotton and rice from the South Asian country. It was stated by Liliya Ivanove, Deputy Minister of the Economy Republic of Bulgaria, during a meeting Mehboob Sultan, Minister of National Food Security & Research, at his office in the federal capital.
The federal minister said Pakistan was world’s fifth largest milk fabricate country in the world and since Bulgaria had developed its strength in various areas of agriculture. The federal food security minister further said it was a pleasure to learn agriculture was also included in the agenda of the IGC Session and,” We are hopeful that our technical experts would come up with agreed points for our joint endeavors in the field of agriculture”.
Original Link: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/474189-bulgaria-says-looking-to-source-more-cotton-rice-from-pakistan