China To Accept Further Domestic GMO Corn, Soy Crop Varieties

BEIJING, China said on Monday it was set to approve the safety of another genetically modified corn variety and a GMO soybean, both produced by Beijing Dabeinong Technology Group Co Ltd. The move comes after China last year approved three domestically designed GMO crops as safe, the first in a decade, in a fresh push towards commercial planting of GMO crops in the world’s top soybean importer and a major corn buyer. Beijing has never permitted planting of GMO soybean or corn varieties but it permits their import for use in animal feed. The other, known as DBN9501, is a corn resistant to the fall armyworm pest, which last year reached China’s cornbelt region.

Though several further steps must be taken before farmers in China are allowed to plant the crops, the approval is seen as timely given a growing corn deficit in the world’s top grain grower. “Syngenta Seeds is pleased to receive import approval from China for our innovative corn, which successfully combats corn rootworm, a scourge of farmers,” said Saswato Das, spokesman for Syngenta, a unit of China’s state-owned ChemChina.

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