Chinese Modern Technology Enthusiastic for Rice Production in Pakistan

Michael Guo, sales manager of Hefei Meyer optoelectronic technology international said that they started to sell the color sorter to the Pakistan market in 2008; it’s very hard to promote the Chinese Brand at the very beginning, as many people prefer to buy European and Japanese Brand. He said that in the first five years they only sold not more than 50 machines, but after 2013 rice mills owners have experienced the Chinese Brand, saying it’s not only cheap but also has good quality and stability. Guo said they have an authorized agent and professional service team in Pakistan providing the local service within 24hours. They have remote services and users can check problems on computers from China.

Shamsul Islam Khan, vice president of Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry said that there are three tiers in China to ensure the safety of the market. China should increase Pakistan’s quota of rice and give it more market access to reduce the trade deficit gap between the two countries. “We imported hybrid rice seeds, especially IRRI-6, IRRI-9 from China, and the advantage of hybrid rice is that it can be grown anywhere.” Secondly, where the production of Basmati rice was low, the production of hybrid rice is more than double”, he specified.

He further said that China has advanced technology in the agriculture field, and both countries should work together to increase basmati rice production and should set up research centers in SEZs to upsurge basmati rice cultivation. Pakistan produced 7.72 million tons of rice that needs to cultivate more and to get that outcome we need to improve technology, seed, and irrigation system. Asif Jalil, the owner, and operator of Roma restaurants Hubei and Little Lahore a famous Pakistani restaurant in Beijing said that Pakistani rice dishes such as Pulao and Biryani are getting more popular amongst the Chinese customers and Basmati rice is used for cooking the above dishes. “Basmati is a long-grain rice variety originally from Pakistan and it’s particularly famous for its aromatic flavor.” Basmati rice has less starch so it’s not so sticky and tastes quite different from the short-grain rice varieties”, he added.

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