CLCV Resistant varieties of GM Cotton being investigated to boost cotton yield in Pakistan (15/05/2015)

Cotton Leaf Curl Virus (CLCV) was the largest impediment to cotton maximization which has been overcome to some extent in Pakistan but it is still a hurdle for high yield of cotton crop. Sources in Ministry of Textile Industry said that Government has taken various measures to upgrade cotton production. CLCV resistant varieties of GM cotton developed by Pakistan Central Cotton Committee (PCCC) and other public and private research system were being investigated for release. CLCV issue is being confronted through a Pak-US Cotton Productivity Enhancement Programme with intent to strengthen national cotton research and development (R&D) system especially for the development of virus resistant varieties of GM cotton. A new research station in Lasbela with collaboration of Lasbela University of Agriculture water and Marine Sciences is facilitating cotton cultivation in Balochistan. Field staff of Agriculture Department of KPK and Balochistan was trained at Multan and Faisalabad in Cotton Production Technology. Bt cotton varieties were developed and released through legal system. To increase the cotton fiber quality, a cotton ginning institute is being established in Multan with the objective to produce world class quality fiber from cotton, the sources mentioned. All endeavours have been undertaken by the government to ensure high level of cotton production.