Digital Farming Vital for Smart Agriculture Revolution in Pakistan

China is willing to share its experience and help integrate information technology and agriculture to bring about a green revolution in Pakistan.

“The integration of information technology and agriculture will bring about the third green revolution: agricultural digital revolution,” said Zhao Chunjiang from China’s National Engineering Research Center for Information Technology in Agriculture.

But now farm work can be done with internet systems, said a staff member of the exhibitor, Ningxia Green Pioneer (Lvxianfeng) Agricultural Mechanical Services Company, which has transformed local farming model with drones, precision hole-sowing machines, driverless harvesters and plant protecting devices, remote surveillance equipment, etc.

To better take the advantage of the efficient digital equipment that excels on vast stretches of land, the company takes a step further to push forward scale operation by bringing the scattered lands together through land trusteeship, transfer, and shareholding.

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