Discern potential drugs that revamp RNA expression

A team of drug developers has chronicle a small molecule microarray-based approach that grants for unvarying low molecular weight compounds, including [U.S.] Food and Drug Administration-approved drugs, to be probed for binding to RNA motif libraries in a massively parallel format. Potential RNA drug earmark for small molecules are found throughout the human transcriptome, yet small molecules known to elicit a pharmacological response by directly targeting RNA have been finite to antibacterials.”Known drugs made in the era when RNAs were not considered drug targets are, in fact, binding RNA, and causing some of the drug’s effects by modulating targets that were not previously considered,” said senior author Dr. Matthew D. Disney.

Original Link:https://www.biotechdaily.com/drug-discovery/articles/294774135/identifying-potential-drugs-that-modify-rna-expression.html