Disease resistant cotton varieties developed by Pakistani Scientists

Agriculture scientists have developed low water consuming and disease resistant cotton varieties, said by the Director Cotton, Dr. Saghir Ahmed in Board Meeting of the Cotton Research and Development. Dr. Ahmed further informed that research on weeds resistant varieties was underway and these varieties would include in the National Varietal Trial this year. He added that research on the discovery of weeds resistant cotton heterogeneity Glyphosate Resistance had been underway in collaboration with other organizations and committed research program had been in progress in collaboration with other organizations to discover climate-smart cotton varieties.
CFDB Chairman Suhail Mehmood Haral stressed agriculture scientists bringing professional competency for modern research to develop climate-smart and resistant cotton varieties against Cotton Leave Curl Virus through research. He said that CRDB proposals helpful in per acre increase in cotton production would submit with the government as policy matters to devise a strategy for the improvement of the cotton crop.
Original Link: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/489772-disease-resistant-cotton-varieties-developed