England to consult on enabling gene-edited foods post-Brexit

Environment secretary George Eustice on Thursday unveiled a 10-week consultation into regulating gene editing differently from GM — a policy that would reverse that of the EU, where the European Court of Justice in 2018 ruled gene editing should be subject to the same tight regulations.

But the move towards enabling gene editing in England is likely to enrage environmental groups, which in the past have campaigned against both GM and gene-edited organisms, rejecting distinctions between the two.

The Soil Association, the UK’s leading certification body for organic food, has argued that where GM and gene editing have been used in crops, they failed to cut pesticide use and diverted “time, effort and attention from the really crucial issues facing food and farming — like looking after our soils”.

Original Link: https://www.ft.com/content/db103f29-89b7-49f9-bd5e-8016ba0b0276