Experts Seek Moratorium on GM Crops Release

A Molecular biologist, Dr. Kashima Ifeanyi, who said this during a sensitisation workshop, organised for farmers by the Health of the Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF) in Abuja, challenged the National Biotechnology Development Agency and principal researchers behind the production of BTbeans to a national debate to establish sufficient grounds why a decade of moratorium should not be placed on further release of the variety.

He said: “We want a situation whereby when I go to the market, I will have an option of buying either GM beans or non-GM beans because if that is not put in place, we are destroying our population, hence we must put in place a moratorium.” Ifeanyi, who also stressed the need to appraise the damage done by GM crops to human health, the environment and biodiversity, however, lamented the unwholesome release of GM crops in the country without the knowledge of most Nigerians, saying it’s important to sensitise Nigerians on what has happened to the country’s food system and the steps to be taken.

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