Farmers Advised to Benefit from Highly Profitable Garlic Variety

PESHAWAR – Growers of a new variety of garlic, NARC G1, have advised farming community of the country to take advantage of this garlic variety which has the potential of not only saving billions by reducing imports but also can help generate enormous profits for farmers due to high yield per acre.

“The new variety of garlic is not only profitable for growers due to increased yield per acre, but its nutritive value is also more than the Chinese and the ordinary garlic being cultivated in the country,” said Dr.

The per acre yield of locally produced garlic was around 70 to 80 maunds while the new variety had been producing around 200 to 250 maunds per acre, much more than the expectations of farmers, Isamel disclosed.

The G1 garlic needs official patronage for its production and for benefiting the farming community by enabling them to grow this highly profitable variety, Ismael remarked.

Jehan Bakht, while inspecting a farm of the G1 garlic within the premises of varsity over an area of one acre, said this new variety was very much beneficial for improving earnings of farmers besides earning of foreign exchange.

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