First Workshop entitled; The Biosafety Research in Pakistan Grants Program (BRPGP), held in Colombo

The first workshop for the “The Biosafety Research in Pakistan Grants Program” (BRPGP) was convened on September 14, 2014, in coincidence with the South Asia Biosafety Conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The workshop comprised of short presentations on the research progress of the BRPGP funded grantees. On this occasion Dr. Saifullah Khan (Associate Professor and in charge of the Biotechnology Wing, ICCBS) also gave presentation on “Collection of baseline information about papaya crop cultivation in all growing areas of Sindh Pakistan”. BRPGP has been established to support research projects designed to improve understanding of the interactions between genetically engineered crops, agricultural production and the environment in Pakistan, as it relates to environmental risk assessment and the conservation of biodiversity. The Biosafety Research in Pakistan Grants Program supports research that will grant opportunities to identify, support, and train talented scientists which will have positive spillovers to other areas of agricultural research and development. The BRPGP is managed by the Center for Environmental Risk Assessment (CERA), ILSI Research Foundation, as part of the biosafety component of the Pakistan Strategy Support Program (PSSP).