Gel encapsulation transport system targets disease-related cells

A novel therapeutic approach uses drugs encapsulated within galacto‐oligosaccharide gel capsules to attack diseases that have assembled a high percentage of senescent cells. Senescent cells are aged or harm cells that no longer are able to perform their normal roles. In a model of chemotherapy‐induced senescence, gal‐encapsulated cytotoxic drugs targeted senescent tumor cells and upgrades tumor xenograft regression in union with the drug palbociclib. In a model of pulmonary fibrosis in mice, gal‐encapsulated cytotoxic agents targeted senescent cells, reducing collagen deposition and restoring pulmonary function.
In addition, gal‐encapsulation decrease the toxic side response of the cytotoxic drugs. Thus, drug delivery into senescent cells opened new diagnostic and therapeutic applications for senescence‐associated disorders. Senior author Dr. Manuel Serrano, head of the cellular plasticity and disease laboratory at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine, said, “This nanocarrier may pave the way for new therapeutic approaches for serious conditions, such as pulmonary fibrosis or to eliminate chemotherapy-induced senescent cells”.
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