Global Status of Commercialized GM/Biotech Crops: 2018 in Pakistan and other countries

According to Global Status of Commercialized GM/Biotech Crops: 2018 between the Biotech countries in the Asia and Pacific region Pakistan has followed (2.8 million hectares cotton). While public acceptance of clean and hazard free production of biotech eggplant motivated more farmers in Pakistan. On the 23rd year of commercialization of biotech/GM crops in 2018, 26 countries grew 191.7 million hectares of biotech crops …. Except for the 2015 adoption, this is the 22nd series of increases every single year; and notably 12 of the 18 years with double-digit growth rates.
Global area of biotech crops has increased ~113-fold from 1.7 million hectares in 1996 to 191.7 million hectares in 2018 – this makes biotech crops the fastest adopted crop technology in recent times. An accumulated 2.5 billion hectares or 6.3 billion acres were achieved in 23 years (1996-2018) of biotech crop commercialization.High adoption of biotech crops continued in 2018 with 191.7 million hectares worldwide.
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