GM Crops

The government must support the agricultural sector by allocating funds and resources to explore GM crops and genotypes of other crops that can lead to a greener and prosperous Pakistan.

To fight the impact of climate and environmental change on crops, Pakistan must refocus on the research of a variety of crops. Around the world, genetically modified (GM) crops are used to improve agricultural activities and combat climate change. Considering that Pakistan is heavily reliant upon agriculture, many farmers have favoured the use of GM crops i.e., cotton and maize, which have been our major exports.

These crops possess many novel properties including herbicide and virus tolerance, resistance to drought and salinity, and useful excretion during growth. Although the use of GM crops remains a contentious issue, it is considered as the solution to several food and agricultural problems.

However, it threatens biodiversity because of the adverse effects of the crops, and the long-term impact it has on humans remains unknown.

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