Government Of Pakistan Approved Commercialization Of Biotech Crops

National Biosafety Centre (NBC) under Ministry of Climate Change hold meetings of Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and National Biosafety Committee (NBC) to review long pending applications of multiple biotech crops for lab work, field trials and commercialization submitted by public and private sector institutions and companies. Eminent crops include wheat (field trials), cotton (commercialization) and corn (commercialization) etc.  In Corn, NBC has approved commercialization of insect resistant and herbicide tolerant traits whereas in Cotton, NBC has approved commercialization of insect resistant trait. In this meeting, government has resumed functioning of biotech regulatory system.  Pakistan government is optimistic that this initiative brings the better development in the field of Agriculture. “This has been possible with support of all biotech stakeholders in the country with a belief that a strong regulatory system is needed to strengthen biotech research and development activities in country.” A representative of Seed Company said. The new technology will ensure Pakistan’s farmers to increase domestic corn productivity that could enable farmers to produce more to help meet the needs of the country’s domestic feed industry, and make the country a self-sufficient global contributor in agriculture.