Initial Success in Breeding High-Yield Mung Beans

Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) and Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) had jointly financed the project. The local black-seeded mung bean landrace being cultivated in Kurram has low-yield potential with high susceptibility to diseases due to the poor genetic background.

“In order to fulfill demands of growers in the area, pulse scientists of Nifa initiated basic research a few years ago and hybridized a local black-seeded mung bean landrace collected from Kurram and later named as Kurram black mung with another black mottled seeded mutant genotype developed at the Nuclear Institute for Agriculture Biology (NIAB), Faisalabad, and later named as NIFA black mung.”

Two high-yielding genotypes with shiny black seed coat color and resistance diseases were developed.

“These genotypes were recommended under the names Nifa Spinghar-21 and Nifa Sikaram-21 by Technical Committee of the KP Seed Council in its meeting held on Dec 31 at ARI, Tarnab, Peshawar, for approval to the Provincial Seed Council. These will be the first-ever approved commercial varieties of black-seeded mung beans in the world as no approved varieties of this type of mung bean exist globally.”

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