PABIC to hold Press Conference on Application of Modern Biotechnology, at the Occasion of the Launch of ISAAA Brief 46


Renowned biotechnologist and the patron of Pakistan Biotechnology Information Center (PABIC), Dr. Anwer Nasim (General Secretary Pakistan Academy of Sciences), said that the security of nation is linked to the food security. He said that the need of the rapid development in Agro-Biotech and healthcare sectors is a need of time. He added that, “We need a wise and visionary leadership as with the massive population increase our nation is leading towards a widespread famine and hunger”.

Prof. M. Iqbal Choudhary




Prof. Dr. Anwer Nasim, Prof. Dr. Kauser Abdullah Mailk and Prof. M. Iqbal Choudhary during press briefing


He was talking to the journalists and researchers on occasion of launching ceremony of ISAAA brief 46 in Karachi at LEJ National Science Information Center, International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences on June 2nd  2014.

The main theme of this event was to raise awareness about the tremendous potential of biotechnology commercialization for the sustainable development of the economy of Pakistan, and the effective utilization of media for the dissemination of information related to biotechnology. Over 100 participants from print and electronic media research institutions, universities, government representatives and progressive farmers groups have participated in this major national event.

Dr. Kauser Abdullah Malik, Director, Research, Innovation & Commercialization (ORIC), F.C. College (A Chartered University), Lahore has further elaborated the importance of the GM crops to over- come the problems facing by the world. In response of a question he said that Pakistan has many talented biotechnologists and sufficient knowledge base to overcome food and feed problems but poor management,  lack of resources and funding is the main reason of failures.

The press conference was also addressed by the Director, PABIC, Prof. M. Iqbal Choudhary (Director, ICCBS, and University of Karachi). He said that the Pakistan is the country who was importing wheat for their people until 1970, after that the agriculture sector made a remarkable success and country will become the net exporter of wheat. Now our country is again facing the food shortage problem. The increasing population has created a demand leading to food insecurity, on of the highest food price in the world. In this situation, only biotechnological innovation can solve food supply issues for over 185 million people security problem. He said that the biotechnology approach for rapid agriculture development and healthcare cannot be ignored.

Press and media representative during launching ceremony
Press and media representative during launching ceremony

The press conference was followed by the Launch of the ISAAA Brief 46 by the Patron PABIC Dr. Anwar Nasim. Dr. Kauser Abdullah Malik, and Dr. Choudhary told the press and the audience that the brief is a most reliable and perhaps the most authentic document regarding the knowledge and the status of the GM crops in the world. Achieving sustainability in food grain production and food security in its totality continue to be a challenge in the developing world including Pakistan. Tremendous efforts are needed to narrow the gap between population growth and domestic food production.