Minister Suggests Reforms to Improve Farm Yield

Food Security Minister Syed Fakhar Imam has suggested a raft of interventions such as seed sector reform, digital subsidiary management, water efficiency, farmers’ access to credit, and restructuring research institutions to improve productivity and bridge the yield gap. Imam gave a detailed presentation on agriculture to the Economic Advisory Council meeting chaired by Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin. He expressed his joy that the agriculture sector, which had been neglected by successive previous governments, had come under the focus. “There is nothing better than self-sufficiency in food security,” the minister told the meeting.

“Agriculture has been off the table for 22 years, but I’m so happy that agriculture is back in focus because of the agriculture transformation plan,” he added. During the four-hour-long session, four sub-groups on agriculture, China-Pakistan economic corridor, social protection, and information technology, gave detailed presentations.

Presenting the subgroup presentation on agriculture Imam dilated the current functioning of the agriculture and food security sector and ways forward for the future. During the second session of the second meeting of EAC, which continued for four hours, four sub-group on Food Security, Agriculture, China Pakistan Economic Corridor, Social Protection and Information Technology & Digitalisation – gave their detailed presentation.

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