Missouri Soybean Partnership with the University of Georgia to Expand High Oleic Footprint

Missouri Soybean partnered with the University of Georgia to run a license that combines the university’s high oleic soybeans with non-GMO soybean varieties developed by Missouri Soybean.

The Missouri Soybean High Oleic Soyleic currently has maturity clusters grown from Missouri northward, according to Bryan Stobaugh, Missouri Soybean director of licensing and genetics.

This expands that high oleic gene territory into the Mid-South and into the deeper South, where we have access to multiple animals, and we have food for a food crop,” Stobaugh said. “And we also have it to export off the east coast.”

The partnership, Stobaugh said, is an example of what local soy investments can do.

“A discovery here in Missouri many years ago has now resulted in being in various states from Maturity Group 1 to Georgia,” he said.

Soybeans and other high oleic soybeans are grown primarily for their heart-healthy oil for human consumption. Original Link: https://6park.news/missouri/missouri-soybean-partnership-with-the-university-of-georgia-to-expand-high-oleic-footprint.html