Mitochondrial DNA depletion linked to depletion syndromes

Physiological slump due to depletion of mitochondrial DNA, such as markers of aging like wrinkled skin and hair loss, was shown to be reversed by repair of normal mitochondrial DNA levels and function. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) depletion is involved in mtDNA depletion syndromes, mitochondrial diseases, aging and aging-associated chronic diseases and other human pathologies such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, age-associated neurological disarray, and cancer. To study the involvement of mitochondrial DNA in these processes, investigators at the University of Alabama (Birmingham, USA) generate a mouse model with a dominant-negative mutation in the polymerase domain of the POLG1 (DNA polymerase gamma 1, accessory subunit) gene, which motivates depletion of mtDNA in different tissues.
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