New rice hybrid seed will increase crop per acre yield: Chairman PARC

The international event between Pakistan and China for Training of Pakistani Professionals on Hybrid Rice Technology concluded at National Agriculture Research Center. The major goal of this effort was up skill a force on Hybrid Seed Development and seed fabrication in addition to adoption of Hybrid Rice advancement for productivity enhancement, profitability and extra surpluses for revitalizing exports.
Addressing to the participants, Dr. Yusuf Zafar, T.I, (PARC) said that the new rice varieties would help Pakistani farmers to significantly increase per acre yield. For the purpose, a good quality seed is pre-requisite for high productivity; this will raise crop per acre yield.Dr. Zheng Bing, Secretary Chinese Embassy showed his full support for the betterment of Agriculture Sector in Pakistan. Prof. Wang Xiosong, Deputy General Manager, Longping High-Tech Agricultural Co. Ltd, China appreciated the efforts of PARC for the training of agriculture professionals.
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