Over 98 high yielding cotton seed varieties developed for cultivation

Pakistan Central Cotton Committee (PCCC) had so far evolve and pass about 98 high yielding cotton seed varieties for horticulture and commercialization in order to swell per acre crop output across the cotton growing areas of the country.
These verities were developed and commercially display from 2000 to 2018, had resulted in significant per acre increase in yield and decreased the pest attacks damaging the crop, said Cotton Commissioner in Ministry of National / Food Security and Research Khalid Abdullah. Cotton Commissioner said, 68 varieties of cotton seed were developed by the public sector and 30 by the private sector. He added that the government was determined to phase out use of all conventional seed varieties, which were breeding stones for the spread of insects attacks particularly cotton leaf curl virus and pink ball worm and others.
Original Link:https://www.pakissan.com/2018/10/29/over-98-high-yielding-cotton-seed-varieties-developed-for-cultivation/