One Day Seminar on Modern Biotechnology Applications for Progressive Growers/Farmers of Khairpur Sindh Organized by PABIC in collaboration with Agriculture Extension Department (Cotton Development Program), Khairpur, Government of Sindh

A One day seminar was organized by PABIC for progressive cotton growers/farmers of Khairpur in collaboration with Agriculture Extension Department (Cotton Development Program), Khairpur, Government of Sindh on June 25th 2014 at Sapna hotel Khairpur. The seminar was attended by more than 40 progressive farmers from kahirpur and other cities and town nearby to Khairpur. The audience were welcomed by Dr. A. Nabi Mallah, Executive District Officer (EDO), Agriculture Extension (Cotton Developemnt Program) followed by a movie on “Indian experiences with Bt cotton”.

Participants of the seminar
Participants of the seminar


Representative from Fatima Fertilizer, Mr. Islamuddin Memon gave presentation on “Role of Fertilizer on growth and yield of cotton crop”. Mr. Memon discussed the importance of soil and water testing before crop cultivation and application of fertilizers. In light of that fertilizers application differ from area to area depending upon the availability of nutrients in soil. He also discussed the role of soil pH for crop cultivation and fertilizer applications. The history of cotton crop production was presented by Mr. Qamaruddin Solangi in a presentation entitled, “History of cotton crop introduction in Pakistan”. Mr. Solangi elaborated his with a discussion about good cotton cultivating practices, water management and disease & pest control. He particularly discussed the control of white fly and mealy bug.

Dr. Saifullah Khan, Resource person PABIC gave presentation on “Gene Revolution Novel Traits Novel Plant “Opportunities and Challenges”. He talked about the gene revolution its theory and gene flow in population. He said that development of novel traits in transgenic crops expressing resistance against biotic and abiotics stresses. Dr. Saifullah Khan also suggested the growers to cultivate refuge crop beside Bt cotton.

The farmers and other participants Haji has appreciated the movie on Bt cotton and all other presentations and said that technology must be transferred from research institutes to growers as they can get maximum benefit from the research products. Mr. Phulpoto (progressive farmer from Khairpur) also suggested conducting research on problems of date palm in Khairpur.