PABIC Organized One Day Biotechnology Awareness Seminar entitled; “Advancement in the field of Biotechnology”

One day Biotechnology awareness seminar was organized by Pakistan Biotechnology Information Center (PABIC) with students of Government Degree College Konkar, Gadap, Karachi, on Thursday, 2nd April, 2015. The seminar was started with recitation of Holy Quran.

Prof. Abdul Qadoos Mahar (Principal of GDC Konkar, Gadap) welcome the students and resource person of PABIC Dr. Ameer Ahmed. Prof. Mahar appreciated the efforts of PABIC and resource person for selecting and organizing such an informative seminar on “Advancement in the field of Biotechnology” for students at GDC konkar which is located in remote area.

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Participants of the seminar

Dr. Ameer Ahmed, Resource person PABIC gave presentation on “Advancement in the field of Biotechnology”. In his opening remarks he gave the presentation on Introduction of Pakistan biotechnology Information Center and its activities for the promotion of biotechnology in Pakistan. He also demonstrated in detail about “The classical genetics & the inheritance of traits into agriculture and humans”. While delivering his lecture, he also elaborated about GM crops molecular farming with reference to tomato, in which gene against hepatitis B have been incorporated successfully. Other examples of BT cotton, & frost resistance strawberry were also explained. Furthermore following topics were discussed:

  • Different genetic disorder/syndromes in Humans
  • Plant Tissue Culture
  • Genetic stability and DNA fingerprinting in plants
  • Hydroponic cultivation of Orchids and Anthurium.
  • Golden rice
  • Flavr Savr tomato
  • Frost resistance strawberry
  • Bt Brinjal

A movie on Indian experiences of Bt cotton was played.

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Dr. Ameer Ahmed delivering the lecture during seminar

The students were highly impressed from this one day seminar and asked various questions regarding effects of GMOs/Bt crops on human health and environment. The students were interested to visit the Biotech wing of ICCBS and want to see the cultivation of Orchids in Hydroponic system and Tissue Culture Technology. In the end vote of thanks was paid by Dr. Ameer Ahmed to all the participants.