PABIC Sensitize the Government Officials and the Stake Holders Regarding the Reformulation of Biosafety Guidelines in Pakistan

As a part of on going activities PABIC, The Lahore Chapter PABIC has organized a “Consultative Workshop On the Reformulation of Biosafety Guidelines”, in collaboration with Pakistan Agriculture Research Council (PARC) and Crop life Pakistan on Friday 30th January, 2015. The event was graced by the presence of Mr. Seerat Asgahr (Federal Secretary, National Food Security and Research), Dr. M. Khurshid (Director General, Pakistan Envoirnmental Protection Agency), Dr. M. Shaid Massod (PARC), and Dr. Kausar Abdullah Mailk and Dr. Anwar Nasim (the Renowned biotechnologists of Pakistan). The workshop was attended by more than 20 representatives belongs to different stake holders including pioneer seeds Pakistan, Monsanto Pakistan, Agriculture University Faisalabad, National Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering, Faisalabad and Pakistan Academy of Sciences.

On behalf of the PABIC Dr. Kauser Abdullah Mailk and Dr. Anwer Nasim explain to the government official that Government of Pakistan has invested a lot on development and infrastructure of Biotechnology in Pakistan including the approval and implementation of biosafety guidelines in 2005.  However, the 18th Constitution amendment has resulted in transfer of rights to new ministry of Climate Change and Disaster Management and results in failed regulatory procedures for approval of various cases. The situation has negatively impacted the development and commercialization of agriculture biotech products. DG-EPA talked about the National Biosafety Center and presented the first draft of “Pakistan Biosafty Ordinance-2015” to the audience for comments and revision before final submission. Stake holders present their pending cases individually to Government officials and explain them that they are waiting since years of years for the approval of single gene cases and people of other countries are now introducing double gen traits.

After all briefing and discussion session the Mr. Seerat Asghar urged DG-PARC to finalize the “Pakistan Biosafty Ordinance-2015” as soon as possible and presented to the standing committee of parliament. The stakes holders also urged for a need of any short trem solution for running the regulatory process  till final approval and implementation of Pakistan Biosafty Ordinance-2015.  They also thanks PABIC to provide a platform for such a fruitful discussion and knowledge.

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Stake holders during the discussion with Government Officials.

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Dr. Kauser Abdullah Mailk explaining the problem to the government official.