Pak-China Red Chilli Contract Farming Achieves Bumper Harvest

BEIJING: Six model farms under Pakistan-China Red Chilli Contract Farming Project are achieving a bumper harvest in southern Punjab and northern Sindh, Pakistan, with an estimated yield of 700 tons of dried chillies.

The chilli contract farming project was launched with joint efforts of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, Pakistani Ministry of National Food Security & Research and companies from both countries, including CMEC, China, Sichuan Litong Food Group, China, Fatima Group, Pakistan, and so on.

The project is also designed to modernise the agriculture sector in Pakistan, including providing new seeds to enhance crop yield, providing skill development to farmers as well as boosting the export of agricultural products from Pakistan to other countries.

The crops in the six model farms with a total area of nearly 300 acres started bearing fruits in May, said Dai Bao, leader of the agricultural project of China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) in Pakistan.

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