Pakistan-China Cooperation in Sugar Industry to Bring ‘Sweet Revolution’

Pakistan and China can produce high-grade sugar in abundance and export it across the world, said Dr. Gu Wenliang, Agricultural Commissioner of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan, according to China Economic Net (CEN). “Sugarcane cooperation between China and Pakistan will bring sweet revolution, and will literally turn the friendship between the two nations sweeter than honey,” he remarked.

Dr. Gu Wenliang was speaking at the “China-Pakistan Sugarcane Industry Cooperation and Exchange Forum” where experts from both China and Pakistan participated and exchanged views. “Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture Science has been giving training to the scientists across the globe.

Dr. Zhang Shuzhen, Researcher from the Institute of Tropical Bioscience and Biotechnology of CATAS strongly rejected using conventional seeds. “As CPEC inches near to completion in Pakistan, we are offering our latest agricultural technology to Pakistan.”Pakistan is a traditional agricultural country, but there is still a lot more to do to modernize its agriculture sector to enable it to meet international. We are here to help Pakistan achieve its goals.

“We established the Pakistan-China Agricultural Cooperation and Exchange Center in the first place in 2019 and now the Information Platform, in a wish to vitalize cooperation between the enterprises and research institutions of the two sides and promote Pakistan’s development in agriculture,” Dai Bao said.

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